The blog has moved.
We are done. Finished. Kaput. In celebration of my impending freedom, I have launched:

Brian got his rights back

This blog is no more, but it has been fun. Goodbye Mindsay, hello Blogger.
Blogger's Trump Card
Blogger.com removed all the ads off of their free blogs the other day, replacing it with an unobtrusive and stylish navbar on top. Biz Stone, a Google employee, is reporting that there is now AdSense for Blogger, and that his navbar is causing him to get more traffic.

I was already considering going to Blogger. Now they will pay me for blogging? i <3 google. bye bye Mindsay. I'll keep you posted on my transition.
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I have happened upon a couple of interesting Wikipedia articles in the last couple of days. The first is on the Mosh pit: In 2000, Michael Moore's The Awful Truth television show took a portable mosh pit across the country and challenged presidential candidates to dive in. The premise was that the show would endorse any Presidential hopeful crazy enough to do it...Alan Keyes, after being convinced for several minutes by his daughter to dive in also, did exactly that. He dove backwards into the screaming crowd of youths to the sound of Rage Against the Machine and surfed the crowd. After a couple of body slams with a spiked-hair youth from Ames high school, he left the pit with the official endorsement of the show.

And also Synaesthesia: Synaesthesia (also spelled synesthesia) is the neurological mixing of the senses. A synaesthete may, for example, hear colors, see sounds, and taste tactile sensations. While this may happen in a person who has autism, it is by no means exclusive to autistics. Synaesthesia is a common effect of some hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD or mescaline.

For those friends of mine sharing the same locale, here is a link that will allow you to update your blog through the firewall at the library. :-)
Lambasting the clueless
I lay the smack down on a blogcritics.org writer who disses DJ Tiesto at the opening ceremony. He clearly has no idea what he was talking about.

Him: "Previously, I commented the music for the ceremony being provided by a DJ. I was a little leery about it, but I didn't quite realize how bad it would actually be." And also: Maybe it's some desperate gambit to try and be relevant to those crazy youth of today's market. Look for an announcer to mention how "blinged" the gold and silver medals look.

Me: As someone who was at the opening ceremony, I have to say you have no idea what you are talking about when you diss DJ Tiesto. He rocked the stadium. He had 70,000 people wiggling and bumping into eachother in their seats and every prominent athlete in the world nodding heads to his beat. Some of the Africans even stopped in front of his booth to shake down their boogy. That was arguably the best set ever played. Unarguably the biggest audience served by a DJ. Ever.

It's not my intention to be uppity, but perhaps he needs to invest in better speakers.
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My dream camera setup
It is unorthodox and beautiful. It allows for candid street shooting as well as landscape photography. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, silent with its cloth lens, and versatile, allowing you to capture those moments when you don't want to be obtrusive but you must have the shot, and you wan't to capture just what you see.

Recently deceased world-famous photographer Henry Cartier-Bresson used a Leica camera. Following suit, I would like the Leica M7 camera, seen here:

As you can see, it is tiny and it uses 35mm film (not digital, gasp!). According to Froogle, I can get one for as little as $2299.99.

That is just for the body. For the lens I would like the Leica Chrome Summilux, found again on Froogle new for as little as $1499.98.

I would then like to be able to convert my pictures to a digital format, so I will also be needing the Sony UY-S100 film scanner. If you have never seen a digital film scanner, you essentially develop your negatives (I could do this very cheaply in a home lab setup) and then feed them into the scanner for resolutions up to 3648x2048 (that is right around 10 megapixels). The price tag is only $6195.95. Here's a picture:

Doubtfully will I ever in my lifetime be able to dole out $9995.92 on a hobby that proves expensive not only in its startup but also in its operation. My conscience would probably kill me the next time I saw a rather photogenic homeless man (several of which I have taken rather nice photos of). Luckily, Leica also offers the Leica Digilux 2, a 5 megapixel beauty that I could get for as little as $1850.00.

Did I mention that my birthday is only 15 days away? Any Bill Gateses in my blogging audience?
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